A New Twist to the Old Game of Sic Bo

Sic Bo, also called siou yai, bian kai or tai sei, sic bo or a ba, sic gang or sha goi is an uneven lottery game of old Chinese origin, played with a number of dice. The dice used are divided into ten, and the player is to select one that represents the highest probability result. If more than one number is drawn then the player is to select a new group. If, for example, three numbers are drawn the player must choose from three different groups.

It is not necessary that the dice thrown have to be perfectly mixed; if any number is accidentally picked, the player loses the bonus play. As it is impossible to predict which group will win, the odds are against any gambler. If, however, a number of dice are perfectly mixed, Sic Bo can be a potentially beneficial game. If the player knows the possibility of picking three numbers, either by choice or chance, then it makes it much easier to select the best possible group.

In this gambling game the player has three dice to pick from. No matter how lucky one may be, if they select a group which wins three or less times, they lose out on the bonus play. The maximum number of bonus play that a player can make in Sic Bo is five. This maximum can be reached by selecting a group consisting of one, two, or three numbers. The player may choose to keep all of the bonus plays or to reduce the number of bets.

It is not clear when the concept of Sic Bo arrived in Macau. However, it appears that the origin of this unique casino game was during the days when casinos were located in close proximity to the airport and rail transport was slow. Given the high cost of gambling at these locations, many businessmen were finding it difficult to earn enough money to cover the expenses. One solution to their dilemma was to devise a strategy which involved utilizing one’s gambling opportunities to the maximum.

Sic Bo is similar to many casino games in that there is always the random chance of the dice landing on an odd number. However, since the casino is well equipped with counters, this situation seldom occurs. Instead, there is the certainty of winning or losing a particular number of points (known as ‘calls’). This is where the game differs from most other games because in the event that you lose all your bets, you do not have to redeem them at the casino. Instead, you are allowed to redeem them at your home.

In addition, the betting system in Sic Bo is based on the principle of ‘redemption’, where as in most casino games, you are required to make several calls before making your final bet. เล่นไฮโล In the case of the Sic Bo game, however, you are not required to make any single call. Instead, you are allowed to place your bets in several calls before finally deciding which bet to make. In most cases, the dealer in a Sic Bo game is placed at such an advantageous position that he/she can call you any time without waiting for your answer. Although this may seem as a clear strategy in a game, this does not necessarily mean that the game is ‘fair’ for both players – the dealer has the ability to make you wait until you decide on making your decision, and at the same time, your bet may not be worth the total amount of the bets placed on both your side.