Getting Ready For MOON168

เว็บมูน168 to go back to the Moon for several reasons, including a clean and abundant energy supply. We also need to retrain and re-imagine the way we live on Earth, using our offworld experience as a model. Moreover, the lunar surface offers a unique laboratory for exploring the universe in a variety of ways that cannot be replicated on Earth.

Those who will go offworld for extended periods should be thoroughly assessed for their fitness to do so. This includes an in-depth psychological and physical examination that identifies any underlying problems that could affect their ability to adapt. These may include a history of psychological or physical illness, drug/alcohol abuse or depression. The assessment should cover an array of topics, including culture shock, overview effect and re-entry shock. It should also explore their attitudes towards work, leisure activities and community living.

Besides testing psychological, cognitive and physical abilities, a comprehensive evaluation should assess an individual’s social skills, interpersonal relations and the capacity to learn from others. This evaluation should be carried out by trained psychologists, psychiatrists and medical specialists. เว็บมูน168 should be supplemented by a range of group activities, simulations and instrumentation. It would be desirable to establish a Global Unispace Academy to train these experts.