How to Find Jobs in Thailand

The Central Employment Registrar grants licenses for overseas employment. The procedure and conditions for the grant of licenses for overseas employment are prescribed in the Act. The licensee must notify the registrar if the licensee wants to conduct skill testing on a jobseeker. The licensee may require security and other information from the jobseeker before issuing a license. If the licensee does not have such security, it is not appropriate to offer overseas employment.

To better understand the needs of Asian jobseekers, jobsDB has conducted focus groups in six countries. The findings of the survey conducted by the jobsDB in October 2012 reveal that 35 per cent of Thai job seekers are actively searching for a job. The remaining 48 per cent are exploring the possibility of a new career path, but would still apply for a job if a good opportunity presented itself. This shows the high demand for online job search in Asia.

The job seeker payment has several components. A remittance requirement is one of them. If the jobseeker is not able to make regular remittances to the Fund, he will not be eligible for any benefit. The job keeper payment is a separate type of payment for employers and is meant to retain employees who are working but are unemployed. Both types of benefits have a similar goal of assisting the unemployed in obtaining employment, but the job seeker is more likely to receive more money.

Those who are unemployed and have limited income but a low asset value are likely to be eligible for this benefit. These people often suffer from illnesses, injuries, or domestic violence, and cannot work because of their circumstances. หางานเชียงราย has introduced a new supplement to the jobseeker payment for people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. This payment will pay an additional $550 per fortnight to existing recipients. The payment will be paid out starting in April 2020.

The new job-seeker payment will replace the Newstart Allowance on 20 March 2020. This is part of the working age payment reforms. The changes were announced in the 2017-18 Budget and received Royal Assent in March 2018.

Those on JA may also be eligible to apply for the Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme. Using the BWI, they can work part-time or quit their jobseeker’s allowance. Those with children may also qualify for the Back to Work Family Dividend. If a job-seeker is on JA and begins working, they may be eligible for the BWI or Farm Assist. In any case, an applicant’s income must be below a certain amount.

An employment agency must be registered with the registrar to provide their services. This registrar must also keep a register in the form prescribed by the Director-General. The jobseeker may access this register during normal working hours. The licensee must not be an employee of another domestic employment agency or prohibited under section nine. Furthermore, an employment agent must meet the prescribed qualifications. There are many requirements for the licensee to offer services to jobseekers.