How To See The Future… In 3D

How To See The Future… In 3D


How are movie theaters going to compete with DVDs, cable’s On-Demand options, and on-line sites offering movies as they are released? I will give you two characters: 3D. The wall of 3D capabilities is crashing down as new technologies are expanding the entertainment possibilities and excitement levels everywhere.

Future uses of 3D

By 2009, a surge of movies are to be released showcasing what 3D is able to do. Nearly every large movie studio and many smaller studios have at least one or two 3D movies in the works. More theaters are looking to convert their venues allowing the 3D innovations to be capitalized upon.

Existing 3D technology

Alluring, crystal-clear 3D images are already the main attractions at diverse venues. Southern California’s Aquarium of the Pacific is enjoying the technology of 3D. All audiences love 3D, regardless if the reason for their attendance is educational or entertainment.

Innovative companies have teamed up to create breakthrough technology to be used everywhere for multiple purposes. They are making 3D a great presence in museums, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, and other cinematic attractions.


There are many great advantages to 3D digital technology:

-Steady, crystal-clear images
-Non-degrading over time
-No film prints to rewind, maintain, and replace
-Maximum flexibility for theater use, preshow, and exhibit areas
-Hands free operation
-Cost effective and space efficient


DVDs, cable access, downloads, and other venues for watching movies is inspiring the movie industry to higher the bar on providing better entertainment. The answer will culminate in 3D technology.

3D technology has come a long way since its inception. The future of 3D will WOW viewers with its capabilities.

Technology is granting us the capabilities of being more entertained and bettering our ambiances. Insightful innovators are working diligently to break ceilings and raise the bar on what is possible.