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Throughout the past 3 months, John Terry had been part of many BK8 s online marketing effort. For instance, Chinese New Year Ang Pao promotion and BK8 Thailand Songkran sale. These are the promotions where the company promises that millions of fans will be tuning into BK8s channels via live online betting. The whole goal is to earn commission from every single bet taken during the entire year.

I was curious about the company behind this sports betting offering, and so I decided to find out more. I discovered that the leading online gambling and sports betting companies in Thailand have their own casinos, online casinos and sports betting portals which are managed by the leading banks in Thailand, namely, State Bank of Thailand, Credit Suisse First Bank, and the Bangkok Development Exchange. In addition, they also have extensive direct investment portfolio in various casinos and online gaming companies. One of them is BK8 which is also known as the Bangkok Casino. This online casino offers live casino games, a fully licensed poker room, online blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker and keno.

I was really interested to know how these companies could offer such lucrative packages to attract a massive audience and most importantly, the most loyal customers who would be the future backbone of their online betting business in Thailand. However, it turned out that there were 2 things behind the success of these online casinos and sports betting portals in Thailand. The first is the BK8 Thailand package which was one of the primary reasons for the company’s popularity surge. The other was the excellent customer support provided by BK8. BK8 provides excellent customer support both through phone and chat.

BK8 provides excellent service by way of live chat with the customer support executives. The chat executives are very polite and helpful and always make sure that they understand your queries and doubts about the website and online betting. They always take every question with patience and make sure that the customer is satisfied by the entire service of BK8 Thailand. If you are looking for betting on Thailand football games, you should try out BK8 because they provide a lot of football league picks. Apart from that, you can also enjoy your gambling experience with various free gifts which include Thailand football league picks, the best online casino bonuses, gift vouchers and much more.

BK8 Another reason that made BK8 the most preferred online betting company in Thailand is its unique registration process and the no-clicking system which makes online gaming in BK8 fun and safe. You don’t need to have a minimum deposit in order to start gambling online with this site. If you want to try out the various free promotions, you can always take part in the sic bo live casino bonus promotion that is offered by BK8 every month.

The sic bo promotion is not limited to one single person only. Anyone who is registered in this site can take part in the sic bo bonus and avail a number of exciting bonus and free promotions which are offered by this exclusive online casino site. Apart from this, the customer care support of BK8 is excellent and it always takes care of its customers. In fact, BK8 provides its customers with an option of making a secure payment through credit/debit card or PayPal as well.