Piano Ballet Music from the Top Pianists

Piano Ballet Music from the Top Pianists

The ballet training is not complete without the ballet music, the reason that thousands of professionals teaching ballet look for certain CDs or records to enhance and complete the training. Well, thousands of ballet music CDs is already available in the market for purchase. They are now lining on the shelves of music record stores and you can find them anywhere in the world. However, with a number of records available out there, with different style and artists, finding the best music for ballet could be time consuming and puzzling. Thanks to some experts, however, that they have decided to consider piano ballet music as the best music ever created for ballet.

Piano ballet music is strongly considered as classical music. Well, this can be true as most of the musicians who developed this music tend to incorporate the classical theme to the contemporary style, making the music sound like classical in nature. That’s not a big deal though as for many, the classical piano ballet music is the ideal tone for ballet dancing.

Now, do you want to know the top pianists who compose piano ballet music for ballet trainings? If so, then read on for two of the world’s top pianists who do ballet music are mentioned below.

Lisa Harris’ Music

Lisa Harris has actually been playing piano for ballet companies. She graduated from the Ohio State University with music for ballet as her passion. For her, playing piano for dancers is one of the greatest passions she ever has and with strong dedication and commitment, Lisa Harris was able to produce best selling CDs throughout the world. It’s also nice to know that because of her commitment to her music, thousands of dancers in the whole continent of America, Europe and Asia are now practicing ballet techniques to her piano playing.

Today, there are about two newly released CDs of Lisa Harris’ piano ballet music. The set is actually a compilation of the music she had produced from her previous titles. What is much nice to know about these new CDs of Harris is that it contains original and classical melodies that were arranged to suit every intermediate ballet class. According to some reviews, this new set of Harris’ piano ballet music is perfect for barre and center techniques.

Josu Gallastegui’s Music

Josu Gallastegui is another well-known musician who has passion for ballet music. He is known throughout the world as one of the leading pianists for ballet trainings and it was actually the impeccable musical judgment he brings to the ballet class that makes him a man worthy of praise. Just like Lisa Harris, Gallastegui has been acclaimed by teachers and dancers of ballet throughout Spain and the world. Today, more than ten piano ballet music CDs of Josu Gallastegui have been released, all of them are deemed perfect for every ballet training and classes. Included in the best selling CDs of this man are the Curtain Call, My Turn, Piano Music for Ballet Class, Pas De Basque, and a lot more.