Play Lotto Online and Win Big!

One of the latest and most exciting applications to hit the mobile world is LottoVIP which allows you to play online lotto like others while still keeping a tab on your own winning numbers. The application works like an ordinary mobile version of its PC counterpart allowing users to pick their numbers in one click of the dialer while logging into the system online and playing the lotto game from there. The new LottoVIP also helps you to get instant alerts on the results and helps to track the amounts won as well as keep track of your performance in terms of money raised, prize amounts won and the likes. However, what makes this application unique is that it can be played from the comfort of your home and without having to even pick up your smartphone!

The unique description of LottoVIP includes features that help users play lotto online with complete ease. It works just like a traditional desktop or laptop computer through your android device where you will have to log in using your personal login details. Once you have logged in, you will then have to pick out your lucky number using one of the many tools provided by the lotto app. This function is similar to that of the online version of the application but with the added advantage of being able to play right from your home or office!

When you are playing online, you can see the numbers being generated by the system. Some of these numbers can be generated randomly while others are specifically picked by the user through a trivia question. You will have the option here to play either the standard lottery games or the lottovip lotto game which has become very popular on the smartphone platform. This means that the option of using the app for non-game functions is also available here.

Another feature of Lottovip is the ability to generate your own lotto numbers. You have the choice of selecting either male or female lotto numbers and depending on your choice, the numbers generated will either be drawn at random or you can create your own sequence of numbers that have been pre-generated. You can then redeem your points and win cash prizes as well as prizes from other applications on the smartphone. If you have more than ten thousand pounds in prize money, for example, then you can exchange your points for cash. This is one of the reasons why millions of people play the lotto game every day across the world, so you too could become one of those people.

The application is available in English and Spanish languages, which is great if you are planning to travel to Spain or any other Spanish speaking region. Other than this, the app is also available in German, Italian, Danish, and Norwegian languages. However, the most popular language by far is English. lottovip So, if you are thinking of trying out Lottovip for yourself, then you should definitely download the app today! Remember, just like the rest of the mobile platforms, you are only allowed a limited amount of time to try out the system before you have to activate your Google account to play lotto online.