The House Edge of Sic Bo

Sic Bo, also referred to as siu di ba, hi-low, big and little or tai Sao, but guo, siai roo, and soo do, is a famous gambling game of ancient Chinese origin usually played with two dice. It is the most popular gambling game not only in China but in Vietnam, Laos, and other Asian countries as well. The literal meaning of sic bo [chi] is “small dice.” Di ba [ti] means “large dice.” In some cases, the two dice are set up so that one group has twenty-four slots and the other group has eighteen slots.

Sic Bo is very popular at many gambling games, especially those that use lotteries or bonus points. The basic set-up of Sic Bo is dependent on an unbalanced board with twelve “friendly” dice faces. These dice face are covered in protons and electrons. เล่นไฮโลออนไลน์ If you place your wager with one of the players, the game is called “sic boom.”

Players add up their “bonus points” (if they have them) and the player with the most bonus points becomes the grand hazard. If there are no friendly dice faces on the board, the players immediately switch roles. The player who is designated as the grand hazard takes the first roll of the dice and must roll all dice face up. After this initial roll, all other players in the game can roll their dice and place their bets.

Like any other casino game, Sic Bo also features a system of wagers. Two basic types of wagers are known as “triples” and “quads”. A triple is a bet of three coins. A quad is set of four coins. Before placing your bets, you must know the outcome of each of the previous rolls and the total number of dice to be rolled.

Different casinos have different house edges. A typical house edge is two percent. For all of the variations of Sic Bo, a casino is said to have a “pay table”, which is the portion of customers’ bets that are kept by the casino for purposes of making future bets. In other words, in a pay table, only the amount of money kept in the casino for purposes of paying for future bets is accessible to the house.

A typical house edge for a game of Sic Bo is six percent. This means that one out of every eight bets will pay out an even amount (an “odd”, not an “even” number). This is the reason as to why Sic Bo players can take advantage of a long, unpredictable season of football games by placing their bets early and often and turning a profit on those wagers.