Win Or Lose – Using Mobile Casinos in Thailand

Throughout the last 3 months, John Terry was part of many BK8 s promotional campaign. For instance, Chinese New Year celebrations, BK8 Thailand Songkran Festival and now, Chinese New Year II. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that the timing of each of these promotions was not at all appropriate. How often has a new year’s celebrated without some sort of controversy surrounding it, surely no one will miss the opportunity of John Terry getting involved in the controversy surrounding Chinese New Year.

In fact, I think it was a great idea that BK8thailand took John on as a mascot to promote their event. I mean he does have the look of a Asian lion, so what’s not to like? The funny thing is they turned this into an opportunity to have a bit of anti-Chinese sentiment going around the internet. That’s unfortunate indeed. I remember I was having a chat with my girlfriend about this, and she said that she didn’t care for the bk8thai thai Thailand theme at all, simply because that is the complete opposite of everything that bk8 is about.

I think it’s unfortunate that such a promotion for online sports betting could turn out to be a PR disaster for a company. I mean, if you look at all of the press that they’ve had done recently in relation to their association with John Terry, it seems that he was quite simply a nice guy. Sure he made some blunders, but did he make any errors that caused his association with bk8 to become a PR disaster? I don’t believe so. I also believe that we can see the long term benefits from this for online gaming in Thailand as well.

So, it seems that the whole ‘firing’ of bk8 Thailand was not the best idea, even though it would have been very easy for them to simply say that they don’t want to associate themselves with any country where online casinos or sports betting would be illegal. Of course they still have one of the most popular casino games rooms online, and bk8 Thailand is still going strong. I suppose they needed a good public relations specialist to come in and make them whole on the whole ‘firing’ angle. It appears however that this was not the best way for them to go about it, and they have ended up looking like fools in the process.

If you want to play online casino games in Thailand, especially online, you really need to be sure that you know the rules of the game before you play. Most of us who have been playing online for a while know the rules of the game pretty well, and don’t need to be told by the online casino managers any more than that. In terms of bk8 Thailand, this came back to haunt them hard, because of their approach to how they were going to payout winning gamblers. Most of the time they will award a certain amount of ‘charity’ to the player, and ask for a’minimum deposit’. While some countries do this, others don’t. While in theory anyone could get away with it in other countries, the minimum deposit rule of Thailand makes it very difficult to do so.

If you are playing in the sic bo mobile casino in Pattaya, Thailand, you need to know that you can withdraw your winnings at any ATM machine inside the premises of the casino. Some people get confused and think that since they are playing in a live casino in sic bo, they are therefore only entitled to withdraw the winnings that they won from the sic bo live casino. This however is not the case. As it is for everyone else playing online in Thailand, you need to ensure that you know and understand all the rules and regulations of online bk8 Thailand casinos before you withdraw any money from your bank account.